give. me. abs.

If you don’t have a six pack, does that mean you aren’t strong?

So I added a few fluffy pounds on over the holidays, but who hasn’t? It all just goes to my mid section and then I look in the mirror and wanna kick my ass. Some people would say I’m crazy, I only weigh 113…..But I don’t care what others say. If I feel fat and crappy, then that’s how I feel. I have been hitting it hard since 2015 started (not that I ever really stopped just ate crap the month of December). I am determined and 2015 means many many squats and a six pack! Or at least try my hardest to get it.

Robin & I swingin KB's

Robin & I swingin KB’s

I want to get in the best shape of my life. I want to get stronger. I want to reach goals. I want stronger abs. I want stronger biceps. I want stronger quads. I want a stronger back. I know some crossfitters say it’s not about the appearance, it’s about how much is on the bar. Well can’t it be both? Definitely. The more you have on the bar, the stronger you are going to get.

Also…..I also have to fit in a wedding dress in May, remember?

puttin' in work at EPC

puttin’ in work at EPC

Next time I reach for the bread, the chocolate or the cheese, I’m going to keep telling myself…I want abs more than that. Or just picture Christmas Abbott in my head. 😉

I’m baaaaack!

I’m back bitches!! After a 4 month “break” from Crossfit, I returned to the box this week. Terrified and afraid I was going to die my first wod back, I surprised myself that I could actually still kip, still bust out TTB, and still power clean like I hadn’t left at all. I told coach Josh that I was scared shitless and he said no worries, it’s like riding a bike. A very painful bike. He was right.

The 4 months I have been off, I have really focused on yoga. Stretching, strengthening, and really finding my inner peace…and my passion. I LOVE yoga. Because I’m good at it. Well, my flexibility comes in handy. I have seen the most progress in my forearm balances.


I have also been keeping up with workouts, but haven’t picked up a barbell since May.

First wod back was the Lurong Living Challenge workout #3. (Level 2)

Asceding Ladder – 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, etc.
Wall Balls (12)
Box jumps (16)
Deadlifts (65)

my score: 270 Reps

I was totally shocked that I didn’t black out or pass out during this wod. Made it to the 21’s.

photo 1

First one back and I feel like I did pretty damn good!

Second wod back was the Lurong Living Challenge workout #2. (Level 2)

AMRAP 9 Mins:

20 Ground to Overhead (45)
7 bar facing burpees
15 Ground to Overhead (55)
7 bar facing burpees
10 Ground to Overhead (65)
7 bar facingburpees
5 Ground to Overhead (75)
7 bar facing burpees

my score: 61 reps.

I finished the 10 Ground to OH and squeezed in 2 burpees. My heart almost exploded out of my chest. But I felt amazing. I missed that feeling.

I have also missed the community, the cheering on, the encouragement and the many “welcome back Yates” I have received. I met a new “burpee buddy” and his name is Johnny Angel. Have only wodded with him twice, but seems like we both push each other, which will definitely help get my ass in gear.

So that’s about it, starting the wedding planning too… stoked about that. 7 months and counting! Andy and I have a new motto – Sweatin’ for the weddin’. Let’s get buff.

My 2nd Crossfit Competition…….kicked my ass

2014 Athena Classic Competition was this past Saturday. When I started this blog, my first post was how I racked up enough courage to compete in my first crossfit competition- 2013 Athena Classic. After only 3 months of Crossfit. My goal was to just do as best as I could, each workout I scaled, but that didn't matter to me. What mattered is that I went, and I tackled the wods to the best of my ability.

This year however I have been crossfitting for over a year and planned on tackling this competition RX. No matter how hard it would be, not matter if I stould at the barbell for 185 deadlifts and only got one rep in 12 minutes, I was going to do it RX. HA, yeah that changed after 2 wods and realizing there was no way in hell I was going to front squat 115lbs 20 times and deadlift 185lbs 10 times, let alone take 85lbs shoulder to over head 30 times. Yeah, that’s just funny and plain old impossible. Right now at least.


1:00 ME Pullups
2:00 ME Lunge Steps
3:00 ME 85lb Cleans
2:00 ME Burpee bar hops

This workout I was not so worried about. I knew cleans would be the hardest part for me. I’ve come to realize after this competition that I’m scrawny as fuck. I know I shouldn’t, but I compared myself to some of the other amazingly strong women, and I look like a 12 year old. So Pullups- I kipped sets of 3 getting 15 reps in 1 minute.


Lunge steps, just kept a steady pace the entire 2 mins. Then the Cleans…..Robyn (the other EPC competitor) killed them in her heat. And this was her first competition! I’m talking KILLED!! Mini Beast Squats & Stiletto’s Jen killed them as well! I got 10 in the 3:00 minutes. WTF? I wasn’t watching anyone else in my heat, but I’m sure most of them were doing the cleans touch and go. They were really heavy for me. I did one, then drop. Ugly as hell. Bad form and all. Coach Josh was saying keep your form! Stay on your heels! Hip pop! All of the normal tips, but yet I was just trying to get it up some how.

Wod #1 Cleans

Wod #1 Cleans

Wod #1 Cleans

Wod #1 Cleans

Then the burpee bar hops start and I just pushed as hard as I could. Last second I tried to get that one last rep….but didn’t get my foot over the bar in time. So close. Earlier in the week I did this wod and got 129 reps. This time I got 133. I wanted to lay on the ground like I normally do at EPC, but had to walk so the next heat could go. As Coach Josh, Robyn, Jen and Dave give me high five’s, I think to myself… this is just the beginning.


8 Mins
25 Goblet Squats – 35 lb kb
25 KB Swings – 35 lb
250m Run w/ Kettlebell
Box walkovers w/ kettlebell

Before the competition I thought this was going to be the easiest of the 3 WOD’s. Actually the goblet squats and kb swings weren’t bad, but the running with the kb sucked.

35 lb Goblet Squats

35 lb Goblet Squats

35 lb KB Swings

35 lb KB Swings

I had contemplated carrying the kb up on my shoulder, but seeing as I don’t have much meat on my shoulder I know that would be uncomfortable and probably hit me in the face and bust a tooth or something. I just carried it on my side, switching hands about 3 times.

250m Kettlebell run

250m Kettlebell run

Then the box walk overs. HOLY HELL. By this point my quads are screaming. I would just step up and somehow keep that kettle bell on my knee and bend over to get to the other side of the box. I got 26 box walkovers in the remaining time which was 6 more than when I hit this wod the week before. So first 2 wods I have done better than when I practiced at EPC. So that was good. Needless to say my legs were shaking walking away from this one. As soon as we were done I looked over and Grant (from EPC) was there too. It’s actually great how Dave and Grant came to support us (Robyn and I). EPC represent! Courtney ended up coming too!!

Doing whatever I could to just step over the box without putting the KB down

Doing whatever I could to just step over the box without putting the KB down

Grant, Me, Robyn and Dave in between wods

Grant, Me, Robyn and Dave in between wods


400m Run
10 185lb Deadlifts
20 115lb Front Squats
30 85lb Shoulder to Overhead
40 Empty bar thrusters
12 min time cap

This is the wod I was scared shitless about as soon as they were released. 115 front squats?? I’ve never even cleaned 115 so how the F am I supposed to clean it and do 20 front squats? And can I even deadliest 185 for a 1RM? By the time it was my heat, my legs felt weak and tired already from the other 2 workouts earlier in the day. I’m like shit, I’m going to have to scale. It’s physically impossible for me to do this RX. I was disappointed to say the least, but I have to realize I only weight 114 lbs and am really not that strong. And also, it’s me against myself here. So I scaled this:

400m run
155lb Deadlifts
85lb Front Squats
65lb Shoulder to Overhead
Empty bar lunges

3,2,1 Go! Start off for the run, which actually felt good and I kind of just wanted to keep running. When I came in and up to the loaded barbell for the 155 Deadlifts, I did not expect it to feel so heavy. I load up, and pull and had to stop. I look at Coach Josh and he knew right away that I didn’t expect that. So, started over and then I pushed through the deadlifts. 1 at a time.

Vain poppin', face squintin deadlifts

Vain poppin’, face squintin deadlifts

Now, onto the dreaded front squats. That means cleans. UGH. Again, crappy form. Sets of 3, Thank god for Josh and everyone else pushing me through and encouraging me through it.

Wod #3

Wod #3

Front squats from hell

Front squats from hell

After I finally made it through 20 front squats, I stripped the bar and made sure there was 65lbs on there. I was so tired, so ready to give up this shit. But, that voice of my coach, keep going, stay focused, you got this. At this point, I think there is about 3 minutes left until the 12 minute time cap. No way can I do 30 of these shoulder to over head and then 40 thrusters after that!?!? I can’t even tell you how many shoulder to overhead I even did. I think I got 14 reps. Timer goes off. I throw the bar down. DONE. High fives and relief that is was over.

Coach Josh and Coach Heather cheering me on

Coach Josh and Coach Heather cheering me on

I kept thinking, wow that was so hard for me and I did it scaled. Wow, these ladies are really fucking strong. And all it made me want to do is train harder, perfect my form, and really focusing on my weaknesses.

And a shoutout to Robyn who had the courage to compete in her first competition and amazed me!!! She kicked ass. Very proud of her.

Robyn deadlifting 185lbs

Robyn deadlifting 185lbs

I had a blast. It was a great day of busting my ass, pushing myself and hanging with friends who are there for the same reason and who love this sport we call Crossfit 🙂 I did compare to last year though, and it did make me feel a little better. 1 year ago my 1RM Clean was 65lbs. I have made progress for myself. And it’s me against myself.

2013 Athena/2014 Athena

2013 Athena/2014 Athena

Such inspiring women I got to spend the day with.

Our Group at Athena Classic 2014

Our Group at Athena Classic 2014

Wonder how I will do next year?

He proposed at Disney!

Yep, shit just got real. We got engaged!!!!

So I’ve been looking forward to the 2014 Open like everyone else in the Crossfit community has.  But, I had the opportunity to visit one of my best friends who lives in Florida and go to Disney World the same week as 14.1 was being announced. My girlfriend was transfered there because her husband is the Navy. I havent seen her in a year and was so excited that we were going to visit …. and get out of the polar vortex for a long weekend! They live in Jacksonville so we stayed there for 2 nights and the rest of the weekend we were going to DISNEY WORLD!! My first time. I was pretty excited.

The first day in Jacksonville we rented beach cruisers and enjoyed the fresh air.

Beach Cruisin' on Jacksonville Beach

Beach Cruisin’ on Jacksonville Beach

Had a few cocktails…we on vacation!!


We did get a work out in. Flipped some tires. Also was the first time I’ve been in a “gym” in a long time. Loved people watching. Especially the meatheads curling, there was also a random guy who was doing some wierd sort of move or dance, I’m not sure what it was but it consisted of dumbells and swinging of the hips side to side. Who knows. I knew that 14.1 had been announced, but there were no bars to do snatches with nor did I have my jump rope. UGH!! Also, we had such a busy week planned there was no time!

Flippin' tires with Amber

Flippin’ tires with Amber

Friday night we went to St. Augustine, FL (the oldest town in the country) it was fun!! Hopped a few bars and enjoyed ourselves.

BF's all dressed up

BF’s all dressed up

Then Saturday came and Disney here we come!!!! I was super excited!! I was the only one who had never been there before. We hit the road and once we arrived at Orlando the weather was perfect. High 70’s. Coming from the polar vortex in Chicago, I couldnt have been happier. As soon as we arrived at Magic Kingdom, we saw the big castle! We all wanted to go take pics in front of the castle. The place was filled with people and I was getting excited! So, we get to the castle and I hand my phone to Amber to take a pic of Andy & I. We were with her husband and her parents as well. They were all taking pics of us too. Didn’t think anything of it. All of a sudden, (as I think we are done taking the pic) Andy gets down on one knee and says “will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?” I was shocked!! And my response to him was “is this really happening??” I cover my mouth and say oh my god! I give him kisses and he says “will you just say yes?” I forgot to say yes! I say “YES!”. It was perfect. He did good.

Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?



proposal 3 castle

Needless to say that I was glowing, I was so happy and I couldnt belive that I was just proposed to in front of the castle in Disney World!!

The new engaged couple!

The new engaged couple!

Andy & I decided to split up and head to Epcot.Can I just say that Epcot is amazing. I can honestly say that I had the best night of my life their with my new fiance. A magical night I will never forget!!



So happy!

So happy!

Sunday we went to Animal Kingdom and had another amazing day. Saw lots of animals and just enjoyed our time. Weather was perfecto and I totally let go of the real world back home and soaked in the fact that I just got engaged to the love of my life and was having one of the best vacations I’ve ever had!

Animal Kingdom with my new fiance!

Animal Kingdom with my new fiance!

Although I missed out on doing 14.1, I fricking got engaged ya’ll!!!

My engagement ring

My engagement ring

Let’s see what 14.2 has to offer cuz I’m back and ready!!

will cleans be part of 14.2?

will cleans be part of 14.2?

8 out of 11 aint bad…

In Jan 2013, I listed 11 goals I wanted to accomplish before 2014 hit. Well by December 31, 2013, I accomplished 8 out of the 11.

Here’s the list:


First to accomplish was a bodyweight back squat. 112lbs.

The first workout where I did back squats was in January 2013, I was squatting  65lbs – for 5 reps. My chicken legs had never squat with a barbell before. So I made a goal to back squat my body weight (112lbs) before 2014. I hit that goal by March 2013. I think my 1RM is 145lbs today.

Second to accomplish was a body weight front squat. 112lbs

First time I did a front squat with weight was in Feb 2013. I squatted 77lbs for 3 reps. I could tell that just in the 1st month of Crossfit my legs had gotten stronger. I hit my goal of front squatting body weight (112lbs) by April 2013.

Third to accomplish was 100 strict pushups in a wod. If you know me, you know that when I first started Crossfit I could NOT do 1 strict pushup. I remember, there was a wod that called for 1000 m row, 50 DB thrusters and 30 pushups FOR TIME. It took me almost 15 minutes to finish this wod. I did every pushup modified and I almost started crying. So after that, I made a goal to complete 100 strict pushups in a wod before 2014.  In June 2013 I accomplished my pushup goal! Andy & I tackled Cindy and I completed 10 rounds. (5 pullups, 10 pushups and 15 air squats) I did all the pushups strict so that meant I hit 100 strict pushups. I was so happy about this one.

Fourth to accomplish was a 45 kg (99lbs) Clean and Jerk.

I’m the girl who had constant bruised shoulders and a bruised collar bone from the bar slamming down on my poor bones. When you dont have much muscle, that shit hurts!! I’ve definiltey gotten a little better at form.  I knew I wanted to C&J 45kg before 2014 hit. I hit that goal in October 2013.

Fifth to accomplish was 1 strict pullup.

Before Crossfit, I had never done a pullup, ever. I started with the biggest band, and would work on pullup progression with Coach Josh. He really helped me. Mad props Coach Josh. 🙂 I tried and tried and that mental discouragement just wouldnt let me get that 1 strict pullup. By May 2013 I was on the skinniest band, and soo close. May 30, 2013 I did my first strict pullup!!!

Sixth to accomplish was hold a handstand w/out the wall

After Coach Heather added handstand holds into the warmup this came pretty easy to me after a week. Yes, accomplished! 

Seventh to accomplish was Push Press 40kg (88lbs)

First push press in Feb, 2013 I was maxing at 25kg (55lbs). My shoulders, are little. I wanted to make my goal 40kg. I hit that goal in October 2013. And PR’d in October as well and push pressed 45kg (99lbs)!

Eighth to accomplish was to get 5 kipping pullups in a row

It took me almost 12 months to finally get that kip. I made the goal of 5 kipping pullups early in 2013, before I could even do a strict pullup. I finally hit my goal of 5 kipping pullups 2 days before 2014. The wod was
AMRAP: 8 minutes
10 Pull Ups
20 Wall Balls (20/16)
30 Weighted Sit Ups (16/12)

I did the pullups RX-all kipping and actually did 6 unbroken!

The THREE goals I did NOT accomplish in 2013 were:

Snatch 35kg (77lbs)
20 Double Unders unbroken

I will add these goals to my 2014 list. Even though I didn’t accomplish all of my 11 goals for 2013, I am still proud of myself for the progress I made since I started Crossfit. I am determined to keep making progress no matter how fast or slow. My overall goal for 2014 is to get stronger. That’s what I wanted from day 1, is to get strong. Let the PR’s begin!

Closing out my first year of Crossfit

I had some medical issues I had to deal with recently, causing me to miss wodding-only hitting the gym 1-2 times a week for the last month. Which will bring you down for sure. Well I dealt with my health, I am all better and am back at it.

Me :)

Me 🙂

I went to my first Crossfit class on January 15, 2013. Scared, nervous, but also in the back of my mind thinking egh this can’t be THAT hard. My first class I met coach Josh and it was only me that had signed up that day. I was glad because I had no idea what to expect. I remember we did deadlifts for the strength portion. Only “deadlift” I had ever done was with dumbbells with bad form. And for the wod portion of the class, there were walking lunges, box jumps, and kb swings. And then a cash out of situps. I don’t recall the timing or rep scheme for the work out, all I remember is that it was hard, and I knew I wanted to come back.

It first started with the tall socks, the head gear and the wod tanks. I guess you could say I was hooked. I joined that “cult” that people who don’t crossfit make fun of. Ha I love it. I’m addicted and proud of it. I have gained strength and have also gained 5 lbs. For me, that’s is alot considering I have weighed the same for the past 8 years. Gaining muscle is genetically hard for me, and Crossfit has really been the only “workout program” that I have seen the reults I want.

I have made alot of progress over the past 11 months since my first Crossfit class. For my 1 year anniversary of Crossfit, I am going to post the progress I have made with my workouts. Come the first of the year (after Christmas goodies of course) I am buckling down. Really tracking my progress and hoping to hit alot of PR’s. I just want to get stronger. I want to accomplish things that I never thought I could do. Turn these little baby arms into muscles. 😉

Left: March 2013 Right: December 2013

Left: March 2013
Right: December 2013

Andy on the other hand, well my poor boo has a herniated disc in his back and can’t Crossfit. It’s upseting because I see him in pain all the time, and he is also bummed out because he can’t workout. But time will tell. Fingers crossed that the Dr’s fix him, and he can return in a couple months. Poor boo bear!

Sometimes we take our healthy bodies for granted. I am lucky that I get to work out when I want. That my body allows me to be healthy enough to Crossfit. Cuz anyday, something could happen where your dreams are put on hold. Live everyday like it’s your last. Life is too short!

What are your New Year goals?


Stepping foot into a real Box

Since the first day I decided to take that step and go to my first Crossfit class on January 15, 2013, I have been hooked. Crossfit EPC was held in a personal training gym with squat racks, a track, dumbbells and machines. Not your typical “Crossfit Box”.  But since I have never actually stepped foot in a real box, I didnt know what I was missing. I actually thought the squat racks were cool. Now that Crossfit EPC has gotten their own “Box” I understand what my fellow crossfitters talk about. I have been to 2 other boxes for competitions, but never a box that I go to daily, that I am a part of. Well……I love it! Everyone is there to straight up thrown down. Not to do curls in the squat rack, or throw a ball against the wall. They are there to throw some barbells over head or kick ass in a wod, together. You get it.


I am so happy for my coaches that they finally have their own space!

kb siwngs


So as my luck goes, as soon as they get this awesome Crossfit box…I start having health issues. Had a pre cancer scare….but after a surgery and a couple biopsies later, no cervical cancer. WOOHOO! Took a week off per Doctors orders. Then came back strong and pushed hard through a push press and TTB wod. 12 EMOM and nailed everyone minute. 🙂



Thinking positive really helps. And having family there for you also helps.  I’m having pains and discomfort and need to have another procedure, but positive thinking and I will be just fine. Need to deal with it, it could always be way worse.


And another BUT…..

My other half is injured. Andy has had back problems for years. He has bulging discs and ever since I have known him he has always had on and off back issues..  Last week he really did something to trigger it (he was lifting and something must have not felt right) and he is down for the count. Poor guy. He will probably be taking a month off from Crossfit to rehab his back. But you have to rest and fix the problems. Just like my health issues as well. You need to do what you gotta do to fix what’s wrong, even if it means taking time off from something you love in order to get better….like Crossfit. I am thinking positive for my boo bear, no one likes to see the one they love in pain.


Have you ever had a wod where you felt great, you were ready to kick ass and then once you start lifting or wodding it all goes to shit? Yeah, that happened to me, well kinda. Strength was Drop Snatches. I was feeling strong and all of a sudden my wrist wagged out and sent a shooting pain through my hand. huh? WTF? I tried to drop snatch the weight again and on the way up, the pressure from holding the bar sent a shocking pain through my wrist. I tried to shake it out. I could’nt lift anymore. It hurt too bad. I was upset because I know I could have done at least 3 more sets with rising weight. It’s little things like this that upset me. But, again look at Andy…..he is out for awhile. I need to STFU and get over it. My wrist is fine now. 🙂

So, after my next procedure next week….and I get my rest from that (I’m guessing another week off, boooo) I am ready to hit this shit hard. Diet…Crossfit…Lifts… dedication will be more than ever.  And training at the new Crossfit box will be even more fun.


snatch pull

Happy Halloween! (a day late)

So if you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE Halloween. Love dressing up, getting into character. This year I slacked, but it’s okay.

I know I wanted to dress up and WOD. So what better to be than an 80’s chic, duh!

I found this pic from 2010 when I was a sailor for Halloween. I did a before and after from then to this year Halloween. Can you tell that I was out of shape? I can. Not saying I’m in the best shape now, but I am definetely in much better shape then I was in 2010.

Left - Now Right-2010

Left – Now

Andy was, well of course Batman, with a cape that obviously helped him crush the WOD we did. That little yellow cape did wonders.

Andy ready to Clean some weight

Andy ready to Clean some weight

Me on the other hand wanted to rip my half cut shirt off and finish the wod in my sports bra. But i was the only chic in there and just felt wierd. For strength we worked on clean lift offs. Got up to 5 kilos heavier than my 1RM Clean. My traps are so freaking sore today from those pulls. Owwie!

The wod was:

5 Push Press
10 Power Cleans
10 Over the Bar Burpees

AMRAP for 15 minutes

RX is 35k (77lbs)

During the Hallo-WOD

During the Hallo-WOD

So..I have never done a WOD with cleans or push press RX (35kg-77lbs). I usually will go with 25kg or 30kg. So I put on the bar 30kg-66lbs and did a couple push presses (which are what kill me in workouts). Coach Josh said put on more weight. I threw the 1.14kg plates on each side, totalling the bar to 32.28kg. (71 lbs). So 2.72kg short of RX.

The wod was hard. Like really hard. There were just so many cleans. Some were ok, some were sloppy. The burpees sucked. And I’m usually the weird one like “Yay let’s do burpees!”. Yeah, not in this Wod.

I finished 3 rounds and 10 reps.

Andy and his batman cape finished 4 rounds and 21 reps and did RX. Go Andy!! I give him mad props since he had a fleece batman suit on. He rocks.

Batman! Post WOD

Batman! Post WOD

I was happy because that is the heaviest weight I have stuck with through a wod like this. Hoping to do RX the next time we have alot of cleans…and push press. And speaking of push press…I PR’d earlier in the week. 45kg! 99lbs!! And we arent talking jerk, we are talking push press. YAY!! I was pretty happy about it.

I love getting PR’s and pushing myself. Great coaching really helps too and my coaches are the best. Can’t wait for next week!!

Running, Weightlifting and Good Friends

Andy and I at 6:30 am freezing our butts off before the race started

Andy and I at 6:30 am freezing our butts off before the race started

I participated in the 2013 Mens Health Urbanathalon in Chicago this weekend. I mentioned in my last post that I was doing it and hoped that I wouldn’t die. LOL Well, I didn’t and actually it was fun! Since I’m not the greatest runner (and don’t run often) I was worried that I was going to suck. Originally I was supposed to run the last leg (3.2 miles) but last minute changes, Andy and I decided to run the 1st leg (4.2 miles w/ 3 obstacles). I’m glad I ran this leg because we got to see the sunrise and running on the lake front was absolutely beautiful. There was only one point where I got a little tired, but then when I saw the 3 mile sign and realized we only had 1.2 miles left, mentally I was like oh I got this. And my legs took over. The obstacles were a sinch. I think the first leg was more for runners as the other 2 legs had harder obstacles like running up soldier field 4 times. Way to go Lindsay and Chris! All in all, had a great time with our team. Us girls got 24th place out of 48th. Right in the middle, not bad! I’m so proud of all of us!! I actually enjoyed the run. Today on the other hand, my calves are sore as hell!

Our Crossfit EPC Team and the Chicago Urbanathalon

Our Crossfit EPC Team at the Chicago Urbanathalon

After the urbanathalon, Coach Josh was going to go cheer on Coach Heather, Coach Maddie, our buddy Janet and other friends at the Weightlifting meet. I’ve never been to a weightlifting meet so was excited to go. Especially b/c it was women only. Represent! Coach Heather and Coach Maddie both qualified for the American Open and Nationals. Watching all the ladies Snatch and Clean n Jerk heavy shit was awesome. Definitely inspiring.

Coach Heather Snatching

Coach Heather Snatching

After these amazing women did their thing, we all went up the Coach Heather and congratulated her. She had said to me I want to see you up there one day. That would be a dream! I know I’m small, but if I keep training, keep practicing, keep learning, maybe one day I COULD be up there. Dreams can come true, and I need to follow them. Just like anything else, little by little, progress not perfection. I heard a saying once, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. I forgot where I heard it, but I never forgot those words.

Coach Maddie Jerkin heavy weight

Coach Maddie Jerkin heavy weight

Just want to shout out to my boo Janet for placing 3rd and hitting 2 PR’s. So inspiring!! Wish I would saw it, but I know she dominated!

As I sip on my coffee and write this post, I realize what good friends I have made since starting Crossfit. And how my life has changed, for the better.

Good Friends Coffee Cup

Good Friends Coffee Cup

Great weekend, great friends and great memories! ps: GO BEARS!!!

Stronger than Yesterday

Beautiful Fall Day

Beautiful Fall Day

Sometimes I have a week where I feel like each day I’m stronger than the one before. Other weeks, I feel like a little scrawny weakling. Not sure why it changes sometimes, probably depends on if I’ve slacked on my food. But usually I maintain the same diet and eat the same stuff every week.

Last weekend I PR’d my squat clean to 45kg (99lbs). I pushed myself out of that hole. Wobbly legs and all, but I still did it! I pushed those hips and knees out.

45kg Squat Clean:

This weekend I cleaned and jerked that 45kg. (PR Jerk for me, woohoo!) But I got out of the hole easier. I just felt stronger. Having Andy along with a random stranger in the gym who was obviously an oly lifter cheer me on helped. When you don’t even know the person, but you both have that same interest, and you both know that feeling of pushing yourself to the max to get that PR. Love that.

45kg Clean and Jerk:

It’s a new week so that means new goals. Not really sure what my new goals are this week. Maybe hold a handstand for 30 seconds. That would be cool. I’m getting better at those.

This upcoming weekend I am doing the Chicago Urbanathalon. It’s a 10 mile relay/obstacle/run downtown Chicago. It starts at Soldier Field. We have a group of 3 girls. Andy, Coach Josh and Chris are running in a group of 3 also. This way it’s split up in 3 legs. So us three will split up 4.2 miles, then 3.2 miles and then 3.4 miles. I’m doing leg 3. It should be fun and a good challenge!! Or I might just die heehee

This post is really just a ramble of sporadic things. Yesterday spent the gorgeous fall day with my brother and niece at the pumpkin patch. Went for a hay ride and picked some pumpkins. Had a wonderful day.

Savannah picking pumpkins

Savannah picking pumpkins

Ready for Crossfit tonight. Feeling motivated and strong. Maybe I will PR my push press!