a baby and some squats

What a weekend!

I’m going to start with Thursday (because it was my friday this week woot woot). Worked on Cleans, 3 positions cleans actually. Got Greens yay! I’m all sorts of bruised up! Looks like my bf beats me.


Run 400m
15 Cleans RX-30kg
Run 400m
15 Jerks RX-30kg

25kg for me. Time-10:13
RX next time. I’m working on it.

I took Friday off of work to spend the day with my mom for her birthday and my niece Savannah. Happy Birthday Mom! I babysat my niece Friday night and come Saturday at noon, I was exhausted, like doesn’t this kid need a nap or something?


Cruisin in the car jammin out


Love her to death tho, so adorable and she loved Andy! Andy and I decided that we are good babysitters, but not nearly ready for our own.


CrossFit Baby?? She found my nano’s and even put them on at one point. What a cutie.

I couldn’t wait for Saturday night for Andy to get home from work so that we could have a nice dinner, just the two of us. So I had her for one day, that’s it, one over night. I don’t know how parents do it, but mad props.


This mess is all from one kid?

By the time babygirl went back home, I was feenin’ for the gym, but was so tired from the child.

Hit another PR! As soon as I got to the gym I wasn’t tired anymore. Slowly adding more weight every time. I’m sure I would make more progress if I actually worked out more. I have to work on that.

Saturday night Andy and I actually went out to a nice dinner and had a couple drinks. We never do that. Call us old.

Sushi MY FAV
And I had my fair share of wine also. That is definitely the reason I didn’t work out on Sunday. MEH I feel guilty. At least my ass is sore as hell from squats.

So rather than working out, we took advantage of the beautiful day and went and played mini golf.

Wonderful day

Closed the afternoon off by soakin up the sun.

sarah tan

So I start a blog about my CrossFitting journey and my progress and what do I do this weekend? Babysit and drink wine. But I had a great weekend to be honest, even tho I slacked. Now get that grill going Andy and cook me up some chicken. Tomorrow I’m ready to CrossFit! I hope we are doing snatches 🙂


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