Some girls ask for diamonds, I ask for weightlifting shoes.

There is no way this is my last week in my twenties. It feels like yesterday I was out every night closing the bars down. Getting wasted and making stupid mistakes. Not worrying about what I ate, how much I drank, how I felt the next day…let alone how much I exercised. Damn I have matured alot since then. Thank fucking god! I was bad.

This 4th of July weekend has been great! My gf from FL came in town and we spent the day in Chicago window shopping on Michigan Ave and had lunch with a few cocktails. Aghhh window shopping at Tiffany & Co. A girl can wish.


Then we challenged round 2 and went out to the bar at night. I felt old & out of place sitting there watching all the desperate 23 yr old guys flock to any good looking girl in the bar and drool over her. It made me want to go home, it made me actually (for the first time) be happy about my age, and where I am in life right now. It brought me back to that time where I was the chic being surrounded my dudes. So glad I’m not there anymore. But I’m happy now that I’m independent, healthy, secure and with the love of my life. Not gonna lie, my ego was a little boosted when I was hit on twice at the bar tho LOL

Andy and I were in the Deerfield 4th of July parade, it was so much fun..and HOT!

We barbequed and then got to watch fireworks from our balcony. We have the perfect view. I’m kinda obsessed with fireworks. Nice, relaxing 4th of July. Couldn’t ask for more.

Avocado Turkey Burger with Strawberry poppy seed salad


Did hit the gym and of course rocking the bruised shoulders from cleans. Sexy!

Hit more PR’s and nothing but up from here. It’s invigorating hitting goals. Andy told me this weekend “your legs are getting bigger.” For the first time in my life I was happy to hear that! Couple years ago I woulda freaked.

I really hope I get my birthday present I asked for. Some girls ask for diamonds, I asked for weightlifting shoes.

I have 7 more days in my twenties. I’m getting in better shape and ready to show 30 how it’s done.

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