that bitch, Grace


I woke up Monday morning and did the first thing I do before I even get out of bed, checked the WOD. It was GRACE. Ok, cool. We did Grace on 6/13/13. I obviously didnt do RX which is 95lbs. Are you nuts?? That’s just insane. One day :). I used 55 lbs and got a time of 3:42. This time I am going to use 66 lbs. It shouldnt be much harder, its been over a month, I must have gotten a little stronger in over a month. My goal is to complete Grace in 5 mins using 66 lbs.

Well I did it. Bruised to shit. Time 6:02. Hurt like a mother fucker cuz my elbows werent fast enough which slowed me down, plus it took alot out of me. I was amazed at Janet (crossfit buddy) who I was neck and neck with but she did RX. WOW she’s awesome.

Grace, next time it’s on.

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