It’s all in the shoes!!

Remember those Weightlifting shoes I asked for?? Yeah, well, they’re awesome. I am so glad I got them. (thanks Andy) I can totally tell a difference when weightlifting. The shoes are the Nike Romaleos. I definiltey feel more steady wearing these. Easier to keep the weight on my heels. Super stiff sole. I don’t feel off balance or anything when sometimes I would before by just wearing my nanos. They come with an insert, but I dont use it. I have little feet and thought the straps would hang over the side, but they don’t. They are perfect length. I wear a size 7 in womens, so therefore I got them in a mens size 5 and they fit perfect. I would definitley recommend purchasing these if you are weight lifting. I’d give them 5 stars! I’ve only had them for 2 weeks, but I love them!!!! Next, I need to get some colorful shoe laces to make them “mine”.

My coach posted this video on youtube of me: Hang and high hang clean PR – 40kg 7/25/13



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