Somebody get this girl a burger

So 2 weeks ago I decided to try the Whole30. My main goal was to “cleanse” the body and also see if overall I felt better only consuming 100% strict paleo for 30 days. That lasted all of 6 days.

I came to the realization….why am I doing this when my main goal is to gain weight? It’s expensive and let’s face it, I’m not rollin in the dough here. Also, I rely on my Whey shakes to hit my protein intake goal daily. If I could make chicken shakes I would, but that’s just wrong. I just find it difficult to eat that many grams of real protein in a day. (130 for me) I have been falling short lately and I need to focus again on getting that PROTEIN in.

I went to the Dr for a checkup and got weighed. I haven’t stepped on a scale in a year and then I weighed 114. This was before Crossfit. So a year later (after doing crossfit for 7 months) I was hoping to have gained some weight because muscle weighs more right? I weighed in at 112.

Ok, I’m weak as shit and I need to do something about this.

This past week my coach emailed me a link about gaining weight. This guy seemed to be a hard gainer like me:

It made me realize, I need to eat more, in general. I need to up the calories. Not be so afraid if it’s not 100% paleo. I can’t be afraid of grains, or dairy, or FAT. (Well good fat that is)

My new thing is adding 2% milk to my daily morning shakes and having a glass with dinner.

So this past weekend Andy and I went out to dinner and instead of ordering a chicken breast with veggies. I ordered:
*Burger w/ bacon and w/ no bun. Added avocado.
*Sweet potato fries.

Eat to perform. I am going to count calories for a couple days and see where I am at. I have no idea how many calories I eat a day.

Since I am a hard gainer and can’t gain muscle for shit, I really need to put in my body what I’m putting out.

This doesn’t mean bring on the concrete mixers from culvers, but this does mean eat more carbs, eat more protein and eat more fat – EAT MORE CALORIES.

Diet is so important. And it is going to take time to start seeing major results. I am determined and committed.

A few other fellow Crossfit friends of mine are dealing with the same issues. Stick with it ladies!



2 thoughts on “Somebody get this girl a burger

  1. I just get really sick of a lot of this. If a diet has a name, you do not need to be doing it. And someone (or multiple companies) are trying to sell you something based on it and that is BAD news.

    • I wanted to try it to see if I felt better, I didn’t even last a week so I stopped. I don’t see anything wrong with experimenting, especially when new to it. I’m no pro so I’m seeing what works best with my body and my goals.

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