Work in Progress

Progression not perfection…isn’t that what we all say?

I was able to see my progress this week after doing the CossFit Games 13.2 open workout. Back in March when athletes were competing to get into the CrossFit games, we would do the 2013 Open WOD’s in class. Well this week we did 13.2 workout again. This wod is:

5-shoulder to overhead RX 95lbs
10-deadlifts RX 95 lbs
15-box jumps

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 10 minutes

In March when we did this wod, I used 25lbs for the shoulder to overhead & deadlifts. Such a weakling. I completed 7 rounds.

Now, August 30th, I used 65lbs for shoulder to overhead & deadlifts. Still a weakling, but a stronger weakling lol. I completed 5 rounds plus 20 reps So that’s 10 reps short of 6 rounds.

So upped it 40 lbs, and next time we do this hopefully I’ll complete it using the RX weight!! Setting goals.

So pretty much little progress is still progress. That means that all these WOD’s you try your hardest at, are paying off. The proof is right here in this post.

You won’t make progress if you don’t start.



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