Nothing but Beast Mode from here on out

I find it odd how I can be so determined, so motivated, so ready to get a PR and then this past weekend comes around I find myself snacking on chips and mac n cheese (whole wheat of course hehe) and getting wasted at a concert. Not my ideal “healthy lifestyle” I brag about.

But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. What I’m going to do it bust ass. Bust ass as in eat clean and put 100% effort in every WOD I do. I won’t let one slip up set me back that far. No one is perfect..and let’s face it, that concert was the shit!


So I’m turning BEAST MODE on. Determined is an understatement.

On a side note, my coach posted this pic today of Andy & I flying threw DB Swings from the WOD last Friday.

Couples that play together, stay together. AWW โค

6 thoughts on “Nothing but Beast Mode from here on out

  1. Hey, this is exactly how I am feeling after a 2.5 week holiday which involved all things non-paleo…and many Margueritas. Engage beast-mode! Can’t wait to get back to the box tomorrow and lift some heavy sh*t!

    • Thanks. It came about because I always look like I fell in the chalk bucket at some point during the WOD..even when I’ve been nowhere near the chalk bucket. I don’t know how it happens!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love your site!

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