Where’s that Beast at?

So my last post was all yada yada about Beast Mode and sticking to goals from here on out…..um yeah. FAIL. I need a kick in the ass or a punch in the face to wake me up and stop doing things to bring me a step back. Like boozin’! But football season is here and that means booze, snacks and Da Bears! But I just overdid it.

I knew that we were testing our 1RM Back Squat on Monday, but yet I apparantly didn’t care after a couple drinks. I am so annoyed with myself to consume unhealthy foods and consume empty calories in booze. Did good ALL week and then one day it goes to shit.

So Monday came, felt like crap all day, ate like crap and then went to Crossfit. I still got a PR but wanted more. I PR’d by 6.6 lbs. So my 1RM back squat is 143lbs. I tried for 147lbs, and bailed. BUT, I knew I could have got it if I would’nt have had those drinks and crap food. Andy says I’m too hard on myself, but I know I can do better.

So this Beast Mode…..can I get some? I guess I’m just normal and make mistakes and one or two set backs isnt going to ruin my life forever. Just the past 2 weeks I have just bitched about slacking off. No more posts about slacking. I need to STFU and look forward. All positive from here. 🙂



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