I love when I have a productive weekend


We just finished our 6 week program which focused a lot on snatching. Now we are deloading before we start a new 6 week program which I am told will involve a lot of handstand work and cleans. Looking forward to it!

So Friday, we worked on handstands along with OH squats. Nothing too heavy, mostly just form. My last 3 reps of OH Squat, Coach Josh told me to go as low as I can. I’m pretty flexible so I can get pretty low. This got me thinking, I need to get that depth every time. Every time, I squat. I tend to short the depth because I’m scared I don’t have the strength in my legs to get out of the hole. But how will I ever get the strength in my legs if I don’t practice good form.

The WOD was Helen-ish.

3 RFT:
1 400m Run
21 KB Swings (RX 35lb)
12 Push-ups

Holy Shit that was a doozie! Hardest part was….the whole thing. Coolest part was that we did the wod outside under three American flags.
My time was 11:02. Andy and Daniel did the wod also, and they were neck and neck. I think they got 9 mins and some odd secs. They rock.


So about that depth squat issue I was talking about. Andy and I ran errands all day, went shopping for Vegas (which is this week!) and then hit the gym. My goal was to work on back squats, and not shorting the depth. So I wasn’t going too heavy, but I was making sure that every rep I got down low. It felt good.

Here’s a video of 5 rep back squat-focusing on form:

Another video of 1 rep back squat getting low, low, low:

I think it has finally clicked that I just don’t need to go to the gym and see how heavy I can go when I haven’t even been hitting the correct depth to begin with. Now, my focus/goals are on correct form and strengthening the right muscles so that I don’t get stuck in the hole when it is time to get heavy.


2 thoughts on “I love when I have a productive weekend

  1. your depth looks great! very strong. I’m on the smaller side (not as tiny as you!) and I struggle a lot with worrying about my strength. i’m slow out of the hole for some reason but who knows why…..

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