Back from Vegas and ready to Crossfit

Since I turned 30th this year (GULP!) my best friend and I decided what better way to close out our twenties than to get our friends and to go to VEGAS! I’ve never been to Vegas so I was pretty excited….and nervous actually. See, I have left my party days in the past and am living a healthy lifestyle which I love. I love Crossfit, I love eating healthy and I love SLEEP! 🙂

So Vegas…was….well…..AMAZING! But it was also draining. But it was definitely an experience I will never forget and I couldn’t have asked for better people to spend it with.

First day we got there I wanted to hitup Crossfit Las Vegas, but by the time we checked in, (our flight was a little behind) we just didnt have enough time since we had dinner plans and also plans to see CALVIN HARRIS!! what what! Was bummed about ditching my plans to Crossfit, but oh well. I’m on vacation right?

Calvin Harris was amazing. The club was packed tho. We went to Hakasan in MGM. I haven’t gone “clubbin” in a long time, let alone Vegas style..I never have! Got home at 2:00am. Not drunk. (which was a good thing) At this point I was still my healthy self lol.



Next morning we went to Marquee Day Club at the Cosmopolitan. Starting drinking at 11am. Awesome weather, good people watching, great DJ and a good experience.


Gambled a little here, didn’t win anything. But it was fun. Needless to say I was in bed by 6pm and I don’t remember getting there.


Since I had gotten like 12 hours of sleep after the pool party,, I was up at 6am on Saturday. Our last day there. I would have gone to Crossfit but they only had one class and we had too much stuff planned with our group. Enjoyed the beautiful weather, and the sites, walked alot and got lunch. Really enjoyed myself.


And then Saturday night. We went to Dick’s last resort for dinner. Nothing too fancy since we were all running low of $$$. Shit Vegas is expensive!!! Then we went to XS Nightclub in Encore. EPIC!!!! We were there to see my favorite DJ…Avicii!!! I can’t even describe how awesome this place was. The lights, the atmosphere, the music, just everything. I will never forget it! Image

So had an amazing time in Vegas. I am paying for it though. Day 2 and still recovering from Saturday night. I haven’t stayed out until 6am in YEARS. They say 3 days is too long in Vegas, well now I know what they mean. I was ready to come home and get rest and get back to my daily routine.

I actually got down on myself just because I had drank a shit ton of booze, didn’t work out and felt so unhealthy, so run down. But then I thought, ya only live once. This was a crazy vacation to close out my twenties! That will only happen once, and I had a blast.

I can’t wait to get back to Crossfit and hit it hard!! New month, new goals!! Like handstand pushups! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Back from Vegas and ready to Crossfit

  1. Sounds like a blast! I have been to Vegas, and yes 3 days is totally enough….which is good, because that’s usually all I can afford. Glad you had a good time! YOU LOOK MAH-VELOUS by the way! Woop-woop!

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