Use it or Lose it

My coach calls me Gumby. I have always been flexible and always had the school record for the Sit and Reach. Now, that might not be as bad ass as a sprint run record or the pullup record, b/c lord knows I was never able to do a pullup, still having a love/hate relationship with them. But as a kid, I took my flexibilty for granted as my friends would dare me to sit on the bus seat and lift my leg behind my head or do a flip flop and the splits. Never would I have thought that I would be using it to my advantage in Crossfit years later as an adult.

Those kids who were the fastest and the strongest and who held the “cool” records in school, I wonder if their strength and speed is still there? Have they used their talents everyday to maintain it throughout their lives? I may not be the strongest (wait, I’m not lol) or the fastest, but I have maintained my flexibilty my whole life because I have always “used” it. I cannot think of anything more vital to the aging process than maintaining our flexibility. I have always stretched (even before I started Crossfit). The flexibilty that I have genetically has stuck with me as an adult because it is the one thing that I am “good” at I guess you could say, so I have held onto that.

A limber body is more fluid and moves more efficiently than a stiff one. You gotta use it or lose it! Stay active. Flexibility is what keeps our bodies working properly and helps keep us injury free.

The older we get, the more our flexibilty will slowly diminish, but if you continue on a daily basis to use it, you will keep it. We eat our vegetable everyday right? We also need to keep up with our mobility everyday, which will help with our overall athletic performance. It’s more important that some people think.


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