Stronger than Yesterday

Beautiful Fall Day

Beautiful Fall Day

Sometimes I have a week where I feel like each day I’m stronger than the one before. Other weeks, I feel like a little scrawny weakling. Not sure why it changes sometimes, probably depends on if I’ve slacked on my food. But usually I maintain the same diet and eat the same stuff every week.

Last weekend I PR’d my squat clean to 45kg (99lbs). I pushed myself out of that hole. Wobbly legs and all, but I still did it! I pushed those hips and knees out.

45kg Squat Clean:

This weekend I cleaned and jerked that 45kg. (PR Jerk for me, woohoo!) But I got out of the hole easier. I just felt stronger. Having Andy along with a random stranger in the gym who was obviously an oly lifter cheer me on helped. When you don’t even know the person, but you both have that same interest, and you both know that feeling of pushing yourself to the max to get that PR. Love that.

45kg Clean and Jerk:

It’s a new week so that means new goals. Not really sure what my new goals are this week. Maybe hold a handstand for 30 seconds. That would be cool. I’m getting better at those.

This upcoming weekend I am doing the Chicago Urbanathalon. It’s a 10 mile relay/obstacle/run downtown Chicago. It starts at Soldier Field. We have a group of 3 girls. Andy, Coach Josh and Chris are running in a group of 3 also. This way it’s split up in 3 legs. So us three will split up 4.2 miles, then 3.2 miles and then 3.4 miles. I’m doing leg 3. It should be fun and a good challenge!! Or I might just die heehee

This post is really just a ramble of sporadic things. Yesterday spent the gorgeous fall day with my brother and niece at the pumpkin patch. Went for a hay ride and picked some pumpkins. Had a wonderful day.

Savannah picking pumpkins

Savannah picking pumpkins

Ready for Crossfit tonight. Feeling motivated and strong. Maybe I will PR my push press!

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