Running, Weightlifting and Good Friends

Andy and I at 6:30 am freezing our butts off before the race started

Andy and I at 6:30 am freezing our butts off before the race started

I participated in the 2013 Mens Health Urbanathalon in Chicago this weekend. I mentioned in my last post that I was doing it and hoped that I wouldn’t die. LOL Well, I didn’t and actually it was fun! Since I’m not the greatest runner (and don’t run often) I was worried that I was going to suck. Originally I was supposed to run the last leg (3.2 miles) but last minute changes, Andy and I decided to run the 1st leg (4.2 miles w/ 3 obstacles). I’m glad I ran this leg because we got to see the sunrise and running on the lake front was absolutely beautiful. There was only one point where I got a little tired, but then when I saw the 3 mile sign and realized we only had 1.2 miles left, mentally I was like oh I got this. And my legs took over. The obstacles were a sinch. I think the first leg was more for runners as the other 2 legs had harder obstacles like running up soldier field 4 times. Way to go Lindsay and Chris! All in all, had a great time with our team. Us girls got 24th place out of 48th. Right in the middle, not bad! I’m so proud of all of us!! I actually enjoyed the run. Today on the other hand, my calves are sore as hell!

Our Crossfit EPC Team and the Chicago Urbanathalon

Our Crossfit EPC Team at the Chicago Urbanathalon

After the urbanathalon, Coach Josh was going to go cheer on Coach Heather, Coach Maddie, our buddy Janet and other friends at the Weightlifting meet. I’ve never been to a weightlifting meet so was excited to go. Especially b/c it was women only. Represent! Coach Heather and Coach Maddie both qualified for the American Open and Nationals. Watching all the ladies Snatch and Clean n Jerk heavy shit was awesome. Definitely inspiring.

Coach Heather Snatching

Coach Heather Snatching

After these amazing women did their thing, we all went up the Coach Heather and congratulated her. She had said to me I want to see you up there one day. That would be a dream! I know I’m small, but if I keep training, keep practicing, keep learning, maybe one day I COULD be up there. Dreams can come true, and I need to follow them. Just like anything else, little by little, progress not perfection. I heard a saying once, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. I forgot where I heard it, but I never forgot those words.

Coach Maddie Jerkin heavy weight

Coach Maddie Jerkin heavy weight

Just want to shout out to my boo Janet for placing 3rd and hitting 2 PR’s. So inspiring!! Wish I would saw it, but I know she dominated!

As I sip on my coffee and write this post, I realize what good friends I have made since starting Crossfit. And how my life has changed, for the better.

Good Friends Coffee Cup

Good Friends Coffee Cup

Great weekend, great friends and great memories! ps: GO BEARS!!!

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