Happy Halloween! (a day late)

So if you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE Halloween. Love dressing up, getting into character. This year I slacked, but it’s okay.

I know I wanted to dress up and WOD. So what better to be than an 80’s chic, duh!

I found this pic from 2010 when I was a sailor for Halloween. I did a before and after from then to this year Halloween. Can you tell that I was out of shape? I can. Not saying I’m in the best shape now, but I am definetely in much better shape then I was in 2010.

Left - Now Right-2010

Left – Now

Andy was, well of course Batman, with a cape that obviously helped him crush the WOD we did. That little yellow cape did wonders.

Andy ready to Clean some weight

Andy ready to Clean some weight

Me on the other hand wanted to rip my half cut shirt off and finish the wod in my sports bra. But i was the only chic in there and just felt wierd. For strength we worked on clean lift offs. Got up to 5 kilos heavier than my 1RM Clean. My traps are so freaking sore today from those pulls. Owwie!

The wod was:

5 Push Press
10 Power Cleans
10 Over the Bar Burpees

AMRAP for 15 minutes

RX is 35k (77lbs)

During the Hallo-WOD

During the Hallo-WOD

So..I have never done a WOD with cleans or push press RX (35kg-77lbs). I usually will go with 25kg or 30kg. So I put on the bar 30kg-66lbs and did a couple push presses (which are what kill me in workouts). Coach Josh said put on more weight. I threw the 1.14kg plates on each side, totalling the bar to 32.28kg. (71 lbs). So 2.72kg short of RX.

The wod was hard. Like really hard. There were just so many cleans. Some were ok, some were sloppy. The burpees sucked. And I’m usually the weird one like “Yay let’s do burpees!”. Yeah, not in this Wod.

I finished 3 rounds and 10 reps.

Andy and his batman cape finished 4 rounds and 21 reps and did RX. Go Andy!! I give him mad props since he had a fleece batman suit on. He rocks.

Batman! Post WOD

Batman! Post WOD

I was happy because that is the heaviest weight I have stuck with through a wod like this. Hoping to do RX the next time we have alot of cleans…and push press. And speaking of push press…I PR’d earlier in the week. 45kg! 99lbs!! And we arent talking jerk, we are talking push press. YAY!! I was pretty happy about it.

I love getting PR’s and pushing myself. Great coaching really helps too and my coaches are the best. Can’t wait for next week!!

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