Stepping foot into a real Box

Since the first day I decided to take that step and go to my first Crossfit class on January 15, 2013, I have been hooked. Crossfit EPC was held in a personal training gym with squat racks, a track, dumbbells and machines. Not your typical “Crossfit Box”.  But since I have never actually stepped foot in a real box, I didnt know what I was missing. I actually thought the squat racks were cool. Now that Crossfit EPC has gotten their own “Box” I understand what my fellow crossfitters talk about. I have been to 2 other boxes for competitions, but never a box that I go to daily, that I am a part of. Well……I love it! Everyone is there to straight up thrown down. Not to do curls in the squat rack, or throw a ball against the wall. They are there to throw some barbells over head or kick ass in a wod, together. You get it.


I am so happy for my coaches that they finally have their own space!

kb siwngs


So as my luck goes, as soon as they get this awesome Crossfit box…I start having health issues. Had a pre cancer scare….but after a surgery and a couple biopsies later, no cervical cancer. WOOHOO! Took a week off per Doctors orders. Then came back strong and pushed hard through a push press and TTB wod. 12 EMOM and nailed everyone minute. 🙂



Thinking positive really helps. And having family there for you also helps.  I’m having pains and discomfort and need to have another procedure, but positive thinking and I will be just fine. Need to deal with it, it could always be way worse.


And another BUT…..

My other half is injured. Andy has had back problems for years. He has bulging discs and ever since I have known him he has always had on and off back issues..  Last week he really did something to trigger it (he was lifting and something must have not felt right) and he is down for the count. Poor guy. He will probably be taking a month off from Crossfit to rehab his back. But you have to rest and fix the problems. Just like my health issues as well. You need to do what you gotta do to fix what’s wrong, even if it means taking time off from something you love in order to get better….like Crossfit. I am thinking positive for my boo bear, no one likes to see the one they love in pain.


Have you ever had a wod where you felt great, you were ready to kick ass and then once you start lifting or wodding it all goes to shit? Yeah, that happened to me, well kinda. Strength was Drop Snatches. I was feeling strong and all of a sudden my wrist wagged out and sent a shooting pain through my hand. huh? WTF? I tried to drop snatch the weight again and on the way up, the pressure from holding the bar sent a shocking pain through my wrist. I tried to shake it out. I could’nt lift anymore. It hurt too bad. I was upset because I know I could have done at least 3 more sets with rising weight. It’s little things like this that upset me. But, again look at Andy…..he is out for awhile. I need to STFU and get over it. My wrist is fine now. 🙂

So, after my next procedure next week….and I get my rest from that (I’m guessing another week off, boooo) I am ready to hit this shit hard. Diet…Crossfit…Lifts… dedication will be more than ever.  And training at the new Crossfit box will be even more fun.


snatch pull


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