Closing out my first year of Crossfit

I had some medical issues I had to deal with recently, causing me to miss wodding-only hitting the gym 1-2 times a week for the last month. Which will bring you down for sure. Well I dealt with my health, I am all better and am back at it.

Me :)

Me 🙂

I went to my first Crossfit class on January 15, 2013. Scared, nervous, but also in the back of my mind thinking egh this can’t be THAT hard. My first class I met coach Josh and it was only me that had signed up that day. I was glad because I had no idea what to expect. I remember we did deadlifts for the strength portion. Only “deadlift” I had ever done was with dumbbells with bad form. And for the wod portion of the class, there were walking lunges, box jumps, and kb swings. And then a cash out of situps. I don’t recall the timing or rep scheme for the work out, all I remember is that it was hard, and I knew I wanted to come back.

It first started with the tall socks, the head gear and the wod tanks. I guess you could say I was hooked. I joined that “cult” that people who don’t crossfit make fun of. Ha I love it. I’m addicted and proud of it. I have gained strength and have also gained 5 lbs. For me, that’s is alot considering I have weighed the same for the past 8 years. Gaining muscle is genetically hard for me, and Crossfit has really been the only “workout program” that I have seen the reults I want.

I have made alot of progress over the past 11 months since my first Crossfit class. For my 1 year anniversary of Crossfit, I am going to post the progress I have made with my workouts. Come the first of the year (after Christmas goodies of course) I am buckling down. Really tracking my progress and hoping to hit alot of PR’s. I just want to get stronger. I want to accomplish things that I never thought I could do. Turn these little baby arms into muscles. 😉

Left: March 2013 Right: December 2013

Left: March 2013
Right: December 2013

Andy on the other hand, well my poor boo has a herniated disc in his back and can’t Crossfit. It’s upseting because I see him in pain all the time, and he is also bummed out because he can’t workout. But time will tell. Fingers crossed that the Dr’s fix him, and he can return in a couple months. Poor boo bear!

Sometimes we take our healthy bodies for granted. I am lucky that I get to work out when I want. That my body allows me to be healthy enough to Crossfit. Cuz anyday, something could happen where your dreams are put on hold. Live everyday like it’s your last. Life is too short!

What are your New Year goals?



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