give. me. abs.

If you don’t have a six pack, does that mean you aren’t strong?

So I added a few fluffy pounds on over the holidays, but who hasn’t? It all just goes to my mid section and then I look in the mirror and wanna kick my ass. Some people would say I’m crazy, I only weigh 113…..But I don’t care what others say. If I feel fat and crappy, then that’s how I feel. I have been hitting it hard since 2015 started (not that I ever really stopped just ate crap the month of December). I am determined and 2015 means many many squats and a six pack! Or at least try my hardest to get it.

Robin & I swingin KB's

Robin & I swingin KB’s

I want to get in the best shape of my life. I want to get stronger. I want to reach goals. I want stronger abs. I want stronger biceps. I want stronger quads. I want a stronger back. I know some crossfitters say it’s not about the appearance, it’s about how much is on the bar. Well can’t it be both? Definitely. The more you have on the bar, the stronger you are going to get.

Also…..I also have to fit in a wedding dress in May, remember?

puttin' in work at EPC

puttin’ in work at EPC

Next time I reach for the bread, the chocolate or the cheese, I’m going to keep telling myself…I want abs more than that. Or just picture Christmas Abbott in my head. 😉


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