2014 Goals:

20 DU’s unbroken DONE!
35 kg (77lb) snatch-and when accomplished, work towards 40kg (88lbs)
55kg (121lb) Clean and Jerk
Back Squat 175lbs
Front squat 135lbs
20 kipping pullups unbroken

2013 Goals:

I wrote this bucket list in January 2013 when I first started Crossfit. I hope to have them all crossed off by January 2014!

Back Squat bodyweight 50kg DONE!
Front Squat bodyweight 50kg DONE!
Clean 45kg-DONE!! 10/5/13
Snatch 35kg
1 strict pullup – DONE!
Complete 100 strict pushups in a WOD DONE!
20 DU’s in a row
1 Handstand pushup (not modified)
5 kipping pullups in a row DONE ON NYE!
Jerk 45kg -DONE!
Hold a handstand w/out the wall
Push Press 40kg


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